Thursday, December 10, 2015

MySurvey.Com/Carol Adams

If anyone out there is tempted by the promises of easy money and free products to evaluate by simply joining a sight called PLEASE reconsider. I have had the most disappointing experience with them and want to save you from the same.

I joined the sight over 10 years ago. At first it was an enjoyable experience. I got free products to test at home, laundry detergent, mascara, antiperspirant, toothpaste, stain spray, and a few other products through out the years. There weren't as many products to test at home as I would have thought but it was an occasional bonus of the experience, but I enjoyed the thought of earning a little money for taking surveys in my spare time.

As the years passed the surveys changed and became less fun, more repetitive and I would get half way through and get screened out. It felt like I was getting cheated. I felt like they were getting the answers they wanted with out having to give out the rewards points that way by saying I was "screened out" because I "didn't qualify" to take the full survey.  My interest started to wane and I took less surveys and eventually only clicked on a couple a week because I knew it wasn't as fun but I wanted to keep my account active because I had accumulated enough points to cash in $100 that I wanted to get for my husband for Christmas.

When I tried to cash it in, I went to the rewards page and of course it wasn't an equal amount any more they all of a sudden required MORE points to cash in... so I had to accumlate even more points to get my gift card I wanted to get for him for Christmas.

There was a few weeks I wasn't on the computer because of my neck issues and then my eventual surgery and finally the time I was recovering from my surgery and when I went to sign into my account to take a survey I was told my account was "inactive" and I wasn't allowed on  the sight.
I wrote and wrote and it took a month to hear from them. They finally reactivated my account and when they did, they had STOLEN, yes, I said STOLEN, over 9,575 points from me. I am not sure of the exact amount. I know it was close 10,000 I had because I was going to try to work hard to find enough surveys they would let me qualify for and LET me finish and LET me be able to collect the actual points for to get up to the extra points I needed to cash in to get the gift card for my husband. When they reopened my account they SAY I only had 405 points on my account.

I have gone around and around with them and they refuse to help me. They know what they have done, ANY company that relies on data as much as them would not have lost this information as they now say they have. It's a bunch of bull and I know it, they know it and now you know it. Don't sign up for their survey taking sight and don't trust them.

IF you are a member.... SAVE your emails with the surveys you took to a folder and verify you took them and take a screen shot of your points tally every time you get new points added because as it appears now, you have to PROVE to them you have your points because they can't seem to FIND them. DO NOT EVER TRUST them. They will steal your points too.