Monday, December 3, 2007

Sewing with Waxed Dental Floss For Candy Wrapper Purses

I am going to try to explain how to tie waxed dental floss together for use in sewing woven purses. I challenge you to get it to come apart after you tie it this way for your sewing, and if you do it right and it does slide apart, I want to know about it!

First of all, be sure to leave enough floss at the end of a sewing strand to be able to tie the next length of floss to it properly, I usually leave around 4 inches, it is not wasted, you continue to sew with it when you join the next piece.

Line up the 2 ends of floss, old and new so they are even

Excuse the Bandage, a tree ornament and I had a disagreement, let just say the ornament won and lost at the same time.
Holding the 2 short ends together, wrap them clockwise around your index finger [about half way down the shortest string.]

Pull loop off front of finger to the inside by rolling it forward off the tip.

Now lift the loop and tuck short ends under it.

Pinch the thread [short end in center of loop] with other hand using index and thumb, and pull them through the loop.

Now tighten the knot, and you will have this. If left like this, it WILL slip out, the success in your knot comes in the next steps.

Here you need to extend the 2 short ends away from the purse and joining with the new long string of floss.

Pull all 3 strands so they are laying flat and straight. The knot I just made is nesting between my index and middle finger at this point.

Hold the short end of string that is coming from the purse, between the middle and ring finger to keep it from sliding. Keeping the knot between the index and middle finger, wrap all 3 strings around clockwise again.

Using index finger and thumb on other hand again pull up the threads, you will have 2 short threads and one long one, pull them through the loop and you will have to continue pulling the new, long thread until it is clear of the forming knot.

Snug up the new knot and repeat once more moving the newest forming knot over the last knot and closer to the end.

Here are three knots, a joining knot and 2 knots that hold down the short ends so they are strong and hidden when you sew with them.

Since the knots are formed away from the purse, when you sew, they flow smoothly and are hidden, and your continued string of floss is STRONG!
Below is a picture of how your joined thread should look.


Lara said...

I voted! And I put a picture of the headlamp I am talking about on my blog. They might use the same thing for caving, but I have only seen them on nightfishermen on piers.

Mylinda said...

Your Good .......Thank you so much for the trick ....I didn't know that trick but it really worked and I'm sure I will be using it
Thanks again

woof nanny said...

I finally posted Mylinda's blog/tutorial to my purse blog. Now I have to attempt to make one of these!

HobbyZu said...

Oh, that's how it's done! Very cool trick.

FazendoArte said...

it's a great idea
i lovew your purses

rosa said...

its a plazer to meet your blog
your work its fantastic,this purses are just beautiful,im a sewing adict too!my current post its about crochet jewellery,and fabric jewellery.
we have a friend in common-FAZENDO ARTE-she made beautifull things.
if you want to see my work
fell free
i wiill comming soon

Anonymous said...

i honestly love all your writing taste, very charming,
don't quit and also keep penning as a result it just worth to read it,
excited to looked over a whole lot more of your current writing, thanks :)

Mrs T said...

Hi, I love your work and thanks for the floss-tying-tutorial.
I linked to it, from my wrapper purse blog post . I have just started my purse, but I find dental floss great to work with.